Create OVH Server Management

Instructions for activating server management from OVH data centers. For configurations from KS or SYS only manually via tickets.

1. Create an OVH admin account

If you already have a purchased server, then register here: (you can fill in any data, except for your mail), if there is no server yet, then you can buy, for example, here: (price list)

2. Send the received login “dentifiant client”

Send the “dentifiant client” login received to your mail in the ticket, all logins are created with the “-ovh” prefix, the login will look like this: qw65346-ovh.

3. Access confirmation

Next, we give you access, and you will receive an email with which you activate the panel.

3.1. In the letter, follow the link “To confirm or decline the request, please click on the following link:” .

3.2. And in the opened OVH admin panel, confirm access, click on the gear and “Accept request” .

4. Done! You can now manage your server!

OVH admin panel overview

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